A Tale of Autumn

The concluding installment of the “Tales of the Four Seasons” tetralogy is a breezy take on the classic American romantic comedies that influenced Rohmer and his New Wave peers. Set in the Rhône Valley and taking full advantage of its golden vineyards, A Tale of Autumn concerns simultaneous schemes to find a new love for reserved winegrower and widow Magali (Beatrice Romand). While Magali’s son’s girlfriend (Alexia Portal) attempts to pair her with a former professor and lover (Didier Sandre), Magali’s friend Isabelle (Marie Rivière) assumes a false identity in order to bait eligible bachelor Gérald (Alain Libolt). The misunderstandings that follow are pure Rohmer in revealing the humor of human folly and foible. Directed by Eric Rohmer. (France, 1998, 112m)

Eric Rohmer
Marie Rivière
Béatrice Romand
Alain Libolt

"If one person can rightly be called the father of the French New Wave, it’s Eric Rohmer." - Richard Brody, The New Yorker

"A philosophical love story for each season of the year." - Dave Kehr, The New York Times