Japanese master of suspense Kiyoshi Kurosawa delves into the long-form serial format with the eerie and intense thriller PENANCE.

Episode 1: The French Doll

Tragedy strikes when Emili is shockingly murdered by a mysterious stranger. The other four girls pre...

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Episode 2: Emergency PTA Meeting

Maki is now a relentlessly strict teacher at an elementary school and trains in self-defense techniq...

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Episode 3: Brother and Sister Bear

Akiko has withdrawn from society and lives a reclusive life at home. But things change when her brot...

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Episode 4: Ten Months Ten Days

When Yuka was a child, her mother always favored Yuka’s sickly older sister Mayu. Now the successf...

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Episode 5: Atonement

Fifteen years since the murder of her daughter, Asako is still overtaken with grief and resentment. ...

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