Crimson Gold

A murder and a suicide occur early one morning in a jewelry store. Behind this headline lies the story of a desperate man’s feelings of humiliation in a world of social injustice. When his friend Ali shows him the contents of a lost purse, Hussein cannot imagine the large sum of money marked on a receipt for an expensive necklace. He knows that his pitiful salary will never be enough to afford such luxury. Hussein feels even lower when a man mistakes the two friends for petty crooks. He receives yet another blow when he and Ali are denied entry to an uptown jewelry store because of their appearance. Hussein delivers pizzas and motorbikes every evening to rich neighborhoods. He gets a closer look at what goes on behind closed doors. The hypocrisy of the system is thrown in his face wherever he turns. But Hussein will taste the luxurious life for one night before his deep feelings of humiliation push him over the edge. Directed by Jafar Panahi. (Iran, 2003, 95m)

Jafar Panahi
Hossain Emadeddin
Kamyar Sheisi
Azita Rayeji