RUTH - Justice Ginsburg in Her Own Words

Near the beginning of Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Freida Lee Mock’s intimate profile of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Justice becomes visibly moved when a group of high school students presents her with a painting of herself. Unlike a portrait by a different artist some years earlier that had depicted her bigger than her actual diminutive size, this painting is an accurate portrayal. It is a revealing moment: Ginsburg wants to be seen not as larger than life, but really as she is. By relying on Ginsburg’s own words and actions, as illuminated by carefully culled archival footage and interviews, Mock covers the full breadth of Ginsburg’s life, views, and career. Furthermore, Mock succeeds in creating a compelling portrait as authentic, poignant, and powerful as the Justice herself. (US, 2019, 89 minutes)

"An exploration of the political icon’s most soulful moments and a deep dive into her spirit." - Charlotte Kohlberg, THE KNOCKTURNAL

“A very good and emotionally resonate documentary about the life of Ginsburg” - Pop Culture Maniacs